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Race Results

Race results and new LIVE Video can be found at LiveRC

First Trophy Race - Crowned
DC Smith as our Rental King

Memorial Weekend 2021 we hosted

our first ever Rental King Race.  Top contenders each raced our Slash Rental Cars against each other for the top prize.  Don Mercer, Conner Elder, Jimi Parks, DC Smith, Dave Hilton and Rob Henthorn all battled on the oval for 5 minutes using both the car and controller without any adjustments for the finish.  Congratulations DC Smith racing the Haas, Inc. rental car.  

Red, White & Boom Race 2021

4th of July Weekend we had trophies for each class and a Village Kings Race pairing Rookie Racers with Veteran Racers. Points for both racers determined winners. 

Jimi Parks and Logan Perine captured the win.

Costume King Race 2021
was held October 30th along with

Trunk or Treat for Lowell families.

The Costume Race was split into

two races (Adults and Kids) and to qualify you had to dress up in costume.  Curtis Griffin won the adult race running the Ed's RC Car and Haddley Marks won the kids race running the Berkshire Hathaway car.  Jonathan Goodfellow donated drink engraved trophies, a silent sponsor donated winning gift cards to the kids winners in 1st, 2nd and 3rd,  and Steve Wilson donated a body to the Breakout Class night's winner that was also Haddley Marks.  

We had about 50 trick or treaters visit the track to grab some goodies from stations at the concession end of the track.  It was a great night of family fun!

Hangover 100 2022

   1st Annual Hangover 100 (100 lap enduro race) was held on January 1, 2022, starting at noon. Trophies were sponsored by Ed's RC in Parkersburg.

   This race was one Trustee Zac Marks came up with. Just before the race, Zac was in an auto accident on Christmas Eve.  This race became a fundraiser event for Zac Marks and his family.  We had about 99 cars and raised over $5,000 for the family.

   His very own RC truck took first place driven by Tyler Mollendick (pictured above with Sara Marks, Zac's wife) who later sent the trophy to Zac's room to bolster his journey to recovery. His son Brice participated and his daughter Haddley won 3rd place in the impressive show by the Rookie Class.   Everyone stood for a group photo including his parents and signed the banner for Zac's hospital room.  Support for Zac has stretched far and wide.    

    The next fundraiser race for Zac is scheduled for February 19th, 2022.  We are looking forward to showing our support for such a great family  

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